COVID-19 : You Need A Will – Plan Now

You should have a will

Amidst the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, we witnessed many positive tested patients, recovered patients and death cases. Scientists from all over the world are researching vaccines to cure the virus.

The SPEED of coronavirus death SHOCKS the world!

So, please don’t wait anymore. Kick start WRITING A WILL to plan your wealth right now!

Why Do You Need A Will?

A. 100% Control and Enjoy Your Assets Till You Die

Your will is effective upon death. All your assets and wealth will be transferred to the beneficiaries after you die. You can enjoy and control your assets during your lifetime. You won’t end up in an old folks home.

B. Choose Your Own Beneficiaries

You decide and plan what to give, how to give and who to give away of your assets. You may set up a trust, gift or donation in your will too. Without a will, all your assets and wealth will be distributed according to the law.

C. Cheaper

The legal cost and expenses to administer your estate with a will is cheaper than without a will situation.

D. Choose Your Own Trusted Executor

You need a trusted and reliable executor to help you to administer and distribute your estate to the legal beneficiaries according to your will.

E. Give After Death Instructions

You can impose any conditions and give instructions to your executor(s)/beneficiary(s). For example, your funeral affairs, clearance of all debt and expenses, taking care of the best interest of your loved ones, selling or renting your property.

F. Make Your Executor’s Job Easy 

Your executor and your beneficiaries will not be kept in the dark of your assets like houses, car, bank accounts, safe deposit, shares/unit trust. Your executor can engage a lawyer and pass over all details of your assets to apply for court orders.

The contents of this article do not constitute legal or other professional advice or an opinion of any kind. It is provided for general information purposes only. Please contact us for further enquiry.


By Chloe Lim & Carmen Leong