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We offer a wide range of legal and advisory services to all individuals and corporate companies. We strive to deliver professional and high-quality legal services and effective legal approaches to our clients.

Our Services


• Sale and Purchase Agreements

• Rental Agreement / Lease Agreement

• Transfer of Ownership

• Redemption and Discharge of Charge

• Subdivision of Building

• Foreign Acquisition

• Other advisories on property and houses

We are taking in bulk of real estate matters concerning commercial and residential properties in Malaysia such as development projects, sale and purchase agreement, tenancy / lease agreement, transfer of ownership, redeem your property from your bank upon full settlement of a housing loan, subdivision of building and other real estate advisory.


• Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts for SMEs, companies and individuals

• Joint Venture Agreements

• Shareholder Agreements

• Share Sales Agreement

• Set Up New Companies in Malaysia

• Other advisories on the related area

We offer broad range of legal services in drafting commercial agreements for companies and individuals such as joint venture agreement, shareholder agreement, setting up companies in Malaysia and other related services.


  • Property Litigation
  • Breach of contracts
  • Debt Recovery / Letter of Demand
  • Bankruptcy, winding-up, discharge of bankrupts
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Enforcement of Court Order
We draw our knowledge to design practical and workable solutions or alternatives to our clients before the disputes become too expensive.


• Single Petition

• Joint Petition

• Child Custody

• Spouse Maintenance

• Matrimonial Property Distribution

• Enforcement or Variation of Court Order


• Design and Draft a Will

• Grant of Representation

• Resealing of Grants of Commonwealth Countries

• Renunciation of Administration Rights

• Distribution of Assets

We design and craft your own last wills and testaments which best suit your needs and intention.

We also offer estate administration services such as application of Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration, resealing grants granted by the courts in the Commonwealth countries, renunciation of administration rights and so on.


• Joint Management Body / Management Corporation Help Desk

• Outstanding maintenance and service charges

• Disputes between Unit Owners

• Common Property

• Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims

We also assist the joint management bodies and management corporations to resolve disputes arising from strata management law especially recovery of maintenance and service charges from the defaulters.


We offer Malaysia legal services for China investors.


  • General Crime
  • Commercial Crime
  • Drug Cases
  • Firearms offences
  • Appeal Cases
  • Anti-Corruption Cases
  • Road Traffic Offences

We are experienced in handling complex trials and appeals in multiple areas of criminal laws.


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